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The main side of several islands beacon fire up, accompanied by songs to kill the enemy
GREEN gives development, RED gives enthusiasm, YELLOW teaches loyalty, PURPLE contains nobility,
EXACT time, EXACT color, EXACT forward
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By playing mini-games or topping up, you’ll be able to dress up in super cool 4Ds! Hurry up and show off in front of your friends!
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EaseCation has permanent openings in the following departments, come and join us! We offer plenty of in-game incentives and a diverse work environment to allow you to gain valuable volunteer/internship experience.

This page only shows the recruitment information of the international department, please go to the Chinese homepage for the mainland China department.

Creators Program

Welcome all YouTubers, anchors and video authors to join the EaseCation media team (INT)!


International Department Restructuring

We started operating globally in 2015. But then the international version suspended operations in 2017. Now, we are ready to restart the international version.